The administrative team of “Fabbrica” Young Artist Program is formed by Eleonora Pacetti, Director in charge of administrative and artistic matters, Valentina Munzi, Team Coordinator, and interns supporting various activities.

All staff of the Teatro dell’Opera is involved in supporting the participants of “Fabbrica” Young Artist Program in their area of competence.

The team responsible for the stage design, headed up by Michele Della Cioppa with deputy head Andrea Miglio, is the point of reference for the Set Designer of “Fabbrica”.

The costume department run by Anna Biagiotti works in close contact with the Costume Designer. The Lighting Designer consistently teams up with Agostino Angelini who is the Head of the Lighting Department. The Stage Director works side by side with the production team managed by Silvia Cassini.

All participants of the Creative Teams meet at the theater’s workshop “Cerchi”, the space where all stage productions are realized and brought to life by the team under the guidance of Maurizio Varamo, which provides an ideal place of inspiration and offers constant learning opportunities.

The singers and pianists are regularly trained by the Artistic Director Alessio Vlad and Casting Manager Nicoletta Finzi. The musical training is also made possible thanks to the generous artistic contribution by the Répétiteurs of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, coordinated by Carlo Donadio.

“Fabbrica” Young Artist Program also works very closely with the Department for Training, Education & Promotion directed by Nunzia Nigro and benefits from the opportunities offered by the cultural exchanges organized by Paolo Petrocelli, Assistant of the Superindendent for International Development and External Relations.

“Fabbrica” is strongly supported by the direct commitment of Superintendent Carlo Fuortes and the contributions by the Fundraising Director Roberta Sulli.